CWOC DCO IA CND Watch Stander Analyst

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Colorado Springs, CO, USA

IA/CND Watch Stander Analyst

Location: Peterson AFB, CO

Schedule: Willing and able to work shift, overtime, holidays, and weekends as required

Clearance: Active current TS+

Please note that you must be a US citizen to apply to this job listing

Education: BS degree is desired; or HS Diploma/GED and 5 years of hands on experience in lieu of a degree

Certifications: A current IA Technician (IAT) Level II

LCAT: CWOC DCO IA/CND Watch Stander Analyst

Requisition: CO18096

Job Duties:

The services required for this position include providing non-personal advisory and assistance services to assist NORAD&USNORTHCOM (N&NC) J63. The primary function of the N&NC CyberSpace Warning and Operations Center (CWOC) is to lead, prioritize, and direct Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) assets and resources to ensure they are optimized to support N&NC assigned missions and operations, and to advise the Commander N&NC of the DODIN’s ability to support current and future operations. The N&NC CWOC currently consist of the Systems and Network Monitoring Section as well as Computer Network Defense (CND) both conducting 24/7/365 monitoring, reporting and analysis for the N&NC Command and Control Systems in support of mission objectives. CWOC personnel require in-depth advisory and technical knowledge regarding Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO), command, control, communications, and computers (C4), NORAD and USNORTHCOM deployable capabilities, cyber initiatives and potential impacts to Commands’ Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) and Homeland Defense (HD) missions.

Required Skills: The work will require expertise, practical operational experience, and technical support which includes:

  • Maintain global situational awareness of DCO events threatening N&NC enterprise networks
  • Ability to advise HQ NORAD and USNORTHCOM, Subordinate units and organizations on network security and defense issues and enforce network security and vulnerability mitigation policies and procedures
  • Assist J6 by examining functional, management, and technical requirements or issues to develop assessment plans for providing effective analysis of information assurance and interoperability
  • Serve as a J6 interface to United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), and J2 (Intel) threat coordination
  • Provide real-time analysis, assessment, response and reporting for N&NC network attacks and security incidents
  • Assess and correlate theater IA threat stream data
  • Assist in the analysis of N&NC impact to all network incidents, problems and alerts, as well as assist in development of corrective/mitigation actions
  • Assist the HQ N&NC Command IA office (J653) in the development of N&NC network security policies (As it pertains to the CWOC roles and responsibilities)
  • Attend IA meetings and working groups (e.g., INFOCON, Threat Working Group, Communications Tasking Order, Warning Order, etc.), providing summary and applicability to N&NC
  • Support CWOC DCO exercise interests and training objectives (e.g., ARDENT SENTRY, VIGILANT SHIELD, CYBER STORM, BULWARK DEFENDER, etc.)
  • Conduct IA operations administration (projects, plans, policy, and training)
  • Utilize intrusion detection system and vulnerability assessment software tools to analyze N&NC network for potential vulnerabilities and research/recommend appropriate protective measures; reporting suspected vulnerabilities and recommending protective measures to USCYBERCOM
  • Assist N&NC in the management of J6 daily due-outs and other administrative taskings pertaining to cyber defense
  • Assist the N&NC in correlating network events with supporting network data, threat data, and technical vulnerability information
  • Assist the CWOC DCO Watch position in the drafting of DCO event/incident reports (e.g., Event Assessment Reports, Item of Interest, etc…) to document and report significant network events affecting HQ N&NC networks


  • Active/current TS+ clearance
  • A current IA Technician IAT Level II certification
  • Knowledge of NORAD-NORTHCOM Mission and C4 Systems.
  • Experience conducting cyberspace operations and with providing predictive and actionable threat characterization and warning of network threats
  • Recent DCO Operations Center (Ops Center) experience
    3-5 years of DCO operational experience preferred (e.g., CWOC, NOSC, NCC, etc.)
  • Willing and able to work shift, overtime, holidays, and weekends as required
  • Ability to advise on network security and defense issues and enforce network security and vulnerability mitigation policies and procedures
  • Possess sound knowledge of management and monitoring of various network security components, devices and services
  • Possess an advanced understanding and in-depth knowledge of modern computer systems, client/server, LAN/WAN and Network concepts, modern network management and security monitoring concepts
  • Possess knowledge of implementing Access Controls; Security Patching and Security Incident Response

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